"I have become strong, not just fit but strong."
-Donelle Simmons Smith

"I tried a personal trainer in my home for 3 months and experienced good results but I was unable to sustain the cost and turned to Wade at Kettlebell-Centric. When I first started, I can remember deadlifting 135lbs…now I can lift 385 lbs and I’m working toward 400! I knew myself… if I didn’t go somewhere and do this, then I wasn’t going to do it. Wade gave me the coaching, confidence, and motivation I needed to stick with it and become really, really strong.  My wife thinks it’s absolutely fantastic, and the best part is, now I can play with my niece and nephew for hours without feeling exhausted!"

-Georg Taht

"Wade is a detailed instructor giving you the knowledge and reason for each move. He is quick to correct you if you are not doing the lift correctly which is good in my case so I can change my movement and get the correct muscle memory. Wade can also help you with dietary goals."
-Cindy Decker 

"I have become strong! When I started, an 8-kg (18 lb.) kettlebell seemed too heavy. Now I can do different moves with kettlebells twice that weight or more; deadlift more than my bodyweight; and am getting close to doing a pull-up – something I would have never imaged possible. I’ve gained confidence in my physical strength, plus toned up significantly. I used to be very self-conscious about showing my flabby arms in sleeveless tops; now I love wearing them!"

-Sheila Brookshire 

"No Sit Ups EVER"!! That's his moto! Since attending his classes; we have never done 1 sit up!! Wade keeps his workouts very entertaining and is quick to correct you so you don't get hurt. He is very dedicated to help you achive your own goals. I've enjoyed participating in his classes and look forward to many more!"
-Donna Rosson 

"Give it a shot.  At the very least, you will learn about fitness and yourself.  But chances are you will see a very noticeable difference as I did."
-Mike Dietz

"When I was looking for a kettle bell instructor over 6 months ago I chose Wade because every review was 10/10. I have to say they are all spot on and I have not been disappointed. It’s hard for me to find anything new to say because they’ve said it all! So I will just reiterate that he is knowledgeable, sincere, patient, flexible, confident, dedicated, patient, thorough, attentive, encouraging…oh, and did I mention patient? I love having Wade as my trainer. I like his philosophy of “we do what we can until we can do better.” That encourages me to do what I can and then try to do better. He gives me his undivided attention during the workouts. He patiently and thoroughly explains and demonstrates the correct form of whatever movement I’m doing. And he tailors the workout around my health issues. I now have better posture and greater range of motion. I feel better after each workout and always look forward to the next one. I recommend Wade to anyone!"
-Danielle DePaul

"My big fear was doing something wrong and getting hurt.  But with Wade’s small classes I got the attention I needed to learn how to do the lifts correctly.  I went from never lifting before to quickly putting on nearly 50 lbs of toned muscle. My deadlift went from 150 lbs to 315 lbs and I’ve never felt better. I can tell you for a fact that if I went to a cross fit gym, I’ll bet I would be injured right now. With Wade’s program, it’s all about the movement screen and the first steps you take once you start that are designed to keep you safe, mobile, and injury free. Coming in as someone who never lifted weights, I can tell you with confidence that Wade is the trainer to work with.  He really knows his stuff."

-David Tilden


“After trying one of the local big 24 hour gyms, and even hiring a personal trainer, I came to Wade and asked for help during a consultation session. Instead of doing what my old trainer wanted to do…that was the old ‘starvation diet’…Wade went the extra mile to help me get healthy and learn the knowledge about food, weight, health, and my body that really matters. I feel like he’s a personal trainer, physical therapist, nutritionist, a friend…all in one! It’s so worth it!


"At first I was concerned that strength training would turn me into a big bulky person, but I realized that's not true at all.  In fact, working with kettlebells is a great way to save time and address strength and cardio at the same time.  

Before I joined I had some back problems and really wanted to strengthen my whole body so I could be a better parent to my daughter.  I didn’t want to have to worry about things like “Can I do this?” or “Am I going to hurt myself?” especially when it came to spending time with her.  For me its a great deal because now I can play with her more and I know I’m saving money down the road on insurance, medical expenses, and I don’t need to buy new clothes because I outgrew my old ones. I really trust Wade’s breadth of knowledge.  

I like learning the technical details of the movements and he’s great breaking them down for me and explaining why we strengthen our posterior chain and our whole core without doing sit-ups or counting calories.  Frankly, its the best value I've seen because Wade really know’s his stuff.  And the best part is, he’s not interested in you living in the gym, he’s all about taking what you've learned in the gym and applying it to enjoying your life outside the gym.  If you’ve ever thought to yourself…”oh exercise, that’s for other people, not for me” just know that I did too, until I met Wade."

-Andrea Dawkins

"I was looking for something I could do as I was aging that wouldn’t require a lot of equipment.  What I really like about working out with Wade is the exercises he teaches are skill based and once you learn how to do it, you don’t need a gym or somewhere to go.  You can do this anywhere you have just 1 or 2 kettlebells (which are relatively inexpensive) and you can be strong for life.  The other huge benefit is he makes it easy to integrate exercise into your daily life and make it a habit.   It’s almost like you join, write the check, and you’ve just purchased yourself an exercise habit for the rest of your life.  I’ve only missed about 2 classes in 2 years and I wouldn’t have been able stay motivated to do that without Wade."

-Lisa Staffelbach

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