Commitments at Kettlebell-Centric begin at three months.

Cash,Check, and Credit Card are accepted forms of payment for instruction.

Management reserves the right to pro-rate memberships when necessary.

Management reserves the choice of not renewing commitments if the student is found not to be a good fit with the training ideologies of Kettlebell-Centric.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are subject to a cancellation fee if cancellation is not recieved 12 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

Private sessions can be bought in one hour blocks or multiple blocks.

Cash, Check, or Credit Card are accepted forms of payment for private sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations of classes are rare, but do occur. Every effort will be made to notify students of unexpected cancellations via text, Facebook, or e-mail.

If there are more than two cancellations in one month, students will receive the portions of cancelled classes back in either a make up day or a pro-rated month.

Money Back Guarantee

Students of Kettlebell-Centric may receive a refund if they have not achieved or made progress towards desired results after following the instructors directions implicitly.

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