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Teach usable, everyday strength and movement skills, in a fun and safe environment; helping people understand they have the ability to do whatever they damn well please.

The Amazing 12- the world's number 1 body transformation program!

Now at Kettlebell-Centric, The Amazing 12 by Paul McIlroy, the world's best 12 week body transformation program! Emancipate yourself from weakness, excess body fat, negative feelings, and a bad body image. Guaranteed to produce the results you have been searching for. People the world over have used this program to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible. With just 12 weeks of commitment you can have the body and strength you have been wanting. The Amazing 12 starts with a FREE consultation at Kettlebell Centric, where you will learn what we can do together to help you achieve your goals.

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Our Services
  • Access To Small Group Classes with Guaranteed 1-to-1 Attention…
  • Customized Nutrition Guidance And Planning So You Can Make the Right Food Choices For Increased Energy All Day Long…
  • Natural, Efficient Movement Training To Keep You Mobile For Life…
  • Strength Training…You Won’t Believe How Good Being Strong Feels….Until You Experience From Within Your Own Body!
  • Built-In Accountability And Structure For Effortless Motivation…
  • Community, Camaraderie And Friendship So Your Workouts Are Actually FUN…
  • Goal Setting Support To Ensure You "Get There"…
  • Made-For-You Training Plans Custom Tailored To Your Needs…
  • Our Kid’s Room (No Babysitter = No Excuses!)
  • And More!

All backed by a 12 Week 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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